Stem cells


Reverse the Aging Process & Regenerative Treatments


Once injected via IV administration, stem cells follow inflammatory signals from damaged tissue and begin repairing these damaged areas through multiple ways.

That is why stem cells are highly effective in treating diseases and their symptoms.


To this day, STC Life has performed over 10,000 stem cell procedures involving incurable disease, anti-aging and beauty treatment. The hospital uses umbilical chord stem cells with heightened differentiation potency and no immune rejection response to treat aging, rehabilitating, critically ill, and chronic patients in need of intense basic care suffering from diverse illnesses and conditions.


Aging is directly inversely related to stem cell ratio. As we get older, the number of stem cells in our bodies drops substantially, accelerating the aging process and causing a variety of diseases responsible for shortening our lifespan.


Stem Cells are essential for keeping us fit and healthy because they replace cells that are damaged or used up.

The graph to the right shows that 1 out of every 10,000 cells turns out to be a stem cell in a newborn baby. The ratio reduces drastically by the age of 30, where 1 cell out of every 25,000 cells turns out to be a stem cell. By the age of 80, this ratio has reduced to 1:2,000,000.

Currently, a sizable number of customers and patients are experiencing stem cell treatments and they report excellent results for it. Still, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are essential for sustaining effect. The stem cell treatments regenerate tissue cells needed to slow down the aging process; however, constant care on your part is also vital.

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